PPX2 | Phil Palmer Signature

The British session man's amp.

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As the result of a collaboration that started over a decade ago, the new amplifier PPX2 ‘Phil Palmer signature’ represents the perfect marriage between tradition and innovation. The integrated Power Scaling technology allows Phil to obtain his distinctive sound, deriving from the EL84s quartet pushed into natural overdrive, at any volume. The new smart designed preamp is able to provide the user with full control over the voicing of the amplifier, whatever guitar is used. An ideally working Gain control allows the PPX2 to be used for both clean and distorted sounds. The Boost switch increases preamp gain by a handful of dB, ensuring a generous out-of-the-box distortion level even with moderate output pickups. The exclusive Hi-Cut and Low-Cut switches control the frequency response of the power-amp, greatly expanding the tonal possibilities and compatibility with any guitar, effect and cab. The new PPX2 is a classic yet modern amplifier which, combining simplicity and flexibility, is able to express itself at its best in any context of use.

PRICE: € 2490

Data sheet

Circuit Hand-Wired
Output Power (RMS) 30W
Channels Single channel
Preamp tubes 2 x 12AX7
Power amp tubes 4 x EL84
Controls Volume, Treble, Bass, Power, Hi-Cut, Lo-Cut, Boost
Output impedance Switchable 4 - 8 - 16 Ohm
Dimensions (cm) 50 x 24 x 22
Weight (Kg) 16
Warning Due to the handmade nature of the product, the features and the design are subject to change without notice