It was 2007 when driven by the desire to express my idea of guitar amplification, I decided to make my first amplifier. Soon, other prototypes followed, initially intended for personal use. However, they soon began to attract the interest of important professionals, notably Phil Palmer, the legendary guitarist of Dire Straits. In the wake of those first successes and after having spent some time on perfecting the amplifiers, in July 2011 my Dreamaker Amps workshop was officially born. Today, thanks to all the people who believe in my work, I continue to build amplifiers with the same enthusiasm and dedication of the first amplifier built in 2007.


I've always been a minimalist and my relationship to electronics is no exception. In fact, my challenge is always to get to the desired result with the lowest number of components. This approach usually allows me to have more control over what I do and to explore all the available options that a given electronic circuit can offer. Simplicity in electronic designs translates into better efficiency, reliability and less noise floor of the circuits made. For the amps that I build I often take inspiration from the great classics of the past, but without ever stopping to explore new technical solutions, in order to  offer a better usability for today's needs. In fact, I always prefer to personally test each new component available on the market rather than falling into the "vintage is better" thought trap. My efforts are not limited to trying to produce amplifiers that sound good, but also to offer appliances that can last a lifetime without any special maintenance. I always invest a lot of time in designing as clean as possible assembly layouts, with each component directly accessible without having to remove another (something very difficult to find in industrial productions). The very time consuming handwiring process is the most suitable for its sturdiness and durability in tube amps. It also facilitates the creation of customized solutions and provides unparalleled ease of maintenance. Dreamaker Amps are fully handmade by myself, in my small laboratory situated in Verona (Italy). I create a limited number of pieces per year, customizing every detail for my clients.

Me and Phil Palmer at Renato Zero studio 2008
First meeting with Phil Palmer at Renato Zero's studio in Rome | 30th October 2008

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