My name is Marco Ferrari and I am the manufacturer of the Dreamaker Amps. It all began in 2005 when I was working for a musical instruments shop in the North of Italy. At the time the market was mainly populated by multi-channel high-power master volume amps. If these units were able perform quite well for mid to high gain tones they usually sound a bit poor and sterile when used at lower gain settings. The only new amps that were able to produce some genuine sounding crunchy tones were the reissues of some classic "non master volume" reference gear. Anyway those 50 to 100 watts beasts were usually too loud to perform in most of the clubs. The idea to make a smaller wattage single channel amp start to grown on me and soon with the help of the repair technician of the shop my first 20W amp was finally alive. From that moment I was so fascinated by the world of tubes that all the old treaties of thermionic electronics immediately became my favorite reading during all my free time. In 2007 I was offered a job as sound engineer (another passion that I was cultivating for some time) in a recording studio in Verona, so I left my job as a salesman in the shop of musical instruments. in 2008 I had the opportunity to try my amp to the famous British guitarist Phil Palmer which liked it so much that he decided to use it right away in all of his session works. This little award gave me the strength to continue to invest more and more time in my passion with the aim of turning it into my job one day. In 2011 my project was finally formalized with the creation of the brand Dreamaker Amps. Today, thanks to all the people who believe in my work, I can continue to build amplifiers with the same enthusiasm and the same desire to do well as the first amplifier that I've created.


I've always been a minimalist and my relationship to electronics is not exception. In fact, my challenge is always to try to get the desired result with the lowest number of components. This approach usually allows me to have more control over what I do and to easily explore all the available options that a given electronic circuit can offer. Also simplicity in electronic designs often translates to better efficiency, reliability and less noise floor of the circuits made. For the amps that I build I often take inspiration from the great classics of the past but without ever stopping to explore new technical solutions to offer a better usability for today's needs or at least try to add something personal to what has already been said. In fact, I always prefer to personally test each new component available on the market rather than falling into the "vintage is better" thought trap. My efforts are not limited to trying to produce amplifiers that sound good but also to offer appliances that can last a lifetime without any special maintenance. I always invest a lot of time in designing as clean as possible assembly layouts, with each component directly accessible without removing another (something very difficult to find in the industrial productions). The very time consuming point-to-point wiring on tag boards is the most suitable for its sturdiness and durability in tube amps, it also facilitates the creation of customized solutions and provides unparallel ease maintenance operations. Dreamaker Amps are fully handmade by myself, in my small laboratory situated in Verona (Italy). I create a limited number of pieces per year, customizing every detail for my clients.


The handwired construction technique is in my opinion the most desirable in a guitar amplifier. It provides a degree of reliability, robustness and longevity that are simply not comparable to the more common "printed circuit board" used today. It also guarantee the easiest servicing experience ever. If you can still spot some amplifiers of 50 or more years on the stages around the world, much of the credit goes to this glorious construction technique. Hand wiring also allows to easily test new ideas, update or customize existing circuits, to constantly evolve. The only negative aspect of this technique is the long time it takes to complete it. Fortunately for you this task is up to me!
Tubes, condensers, resistors, potentiometers and all other electronic components used are carefully selected to ensure maximum reliability and sound performance.
Allow for maximum power, bandwidth and dynamics even in the most extreme conditions, because the transformers are the heart of a tube amplifier.
A proper grounding scheme it's essential if you want a quiet amp. The use of a star grounding scheme (or multiple star grounding for more complex circuits) allows for the best control over any unwanted noise.
Most recently produced amplifiers have tube sockets attached directly to the PCB (printed circuit board). This allows a drastic reduction of assembly time and production costs. However, guitar amplifiers are usually subject to heat, vibrations, mechanical stress and even short circuits in the event of tube failures, all factors that can progressively damage the printed circuit and cause long-term reliability problems. On the contrary, the assembly of the tube sockets to the chassis and the use of single flexible cables to connect all the terminals to the rest of the circuit is and remains the only way to guarantee optimum amplifier reliability over the years.
Each component is meticulously positioned inside of the chassis so as to be directly accessible without having to disassemble other parts. To service an amplifier has never been easier.
Extremely tough, rust and oxidation-proof. As with all things, starting with the right foot is essential.
These writings are considered simply eternal! No more peeling or faded letters.
By purchasing a Dreamaker you can be sure to buy a 100% handmade amplifier. Because just a label is not enough to guarantee a real handmade product.

To build an artisan amplifier can take ten times longer than building an industrial one and a selected component can easily cost twice (or more) the price of a standard one. Nevertheless the price for a Dreamaker amplifier is in line with the price of a good quality industrial piece. The choice is yours!